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  • HD-grade multimedia player

  • DVD jukebox function and music slideshow

  • HDMI 1.1 support

  • 802.11n wireless network support (optional)


The worlds smallest Analog PVR

R2200 won the world-famous Red Dot Design Award.


You can enjoy HD movie files, music and digital photos on your TV. You can also record analogue videos such as video-tapes and camcorder tapes as digital videos. It has extensive multimedia functions, such as DVD jukebox, music slideshow and etc. Its high-definition UI(user interface) and True-Type-Font add to user's convenience and usability.


Portability and mobility are maximized in order to let you use it also as a 2.5'' external HDD

HD-grade Multimedia Player

You can enjoy HD-grade high quality videos, digital music and digital photos on TV with internal hard disk drive. It also provides network connectivity thru both wired & wireless connection, which enables you connect to your PC anywhere in your home.

High quality analog video recording

With composite and S-Video video input recording support, you can connect it to a digital set-top box, DVD player, VCR, camcorder, digital camera and next generation videogame consoles. You can also save old analogue video tapes as digital videos.

Experience HD-level picture quality

1080i HD-level high quality supported

Supports playback of HD recorded files of 1080i resolution. In addition, it is an HD-level multimedia player that also supports playback of MPEG1/2/4 and Xvid up to 1080p.

  • H264 and MKV are not supported.
  • Playback of up to 1080p is supported, but for output, only up to 1080i is supported.

Save all the precious memories as digital files

analog video in recording

As composite or S-video video input recording is supported, analogue video saved in video tapes and camcorders can be converted into MPEG2 digital format. Moreover, it can receive video/audio signals from DVD players, set-top boxes and satellite receivers, and then record the broadcasts. When recording, you can select the recording quality, and it also provides Time-Shifting function which allows you to check the recording status.

My own DVD library

DVD Jukebox

You can play all your DVD backups on the hard disk. With these backup files, create your own video library that supports menu, subtitle and even audio choices just like the original discs.

HD digital video and audio with just one cable!

HDMI 1.1

You can enjoy HD digital video & audio with just one connection, since HDMI connection is supported.

Turn over the memorable pages with music

Photo music slideshow supported

You can view digital photos in order as a slideshow with various effects. Besides, you can also select background music of your choice, and enjoy the photos with music on a big TV screen.

My own music server

MP3/OGG/WMA/WAV and more

It allows you to conveniently enjoy music with just the remote keys, without having to turn on the TV. It can play recent music formats such as WMA(Windows Media Audio), Ogg, M4A, AAC, and of course, MP3. It also supports various playlist extensions such as .m3u8 / .m3u / .pls.

Play HD videos with wireless 11n

wireless network support

As wireless network is supported, you can watch movies without a hard disk. You can play videos, music and photos saved in your PC's hard disk without having to transfer them to TViX. If you use an 802.11n wireless Wi-Fi dongle provided as an option, you can play most of HD video files(up to 18mbps).

No need to worry about standby power consumption

Environmental-friendly green

Standby power and operation power are separated in order to keep the standby power below 0.5W, and minimize the power consumption. Environmental-friendly ROHS certified parts are used for all products.

Delicate High-Quality UI

High-definition user interface

Luxurious high-definition user interface feasible for HDTV is provided, and this makes more information and images look tidy. Moreover, you can also change the background image so that it fits your taste.

Font quality is maintained even after you change the font size

True-Type-Font supported

Font size and position can be altered easily, and the font quality is maintained even after you change the font size, as True-Type-Font is supported.

Copy and transfer your files without a PC

convenient data management

You can manage your files conveniently. It allows you to copy, delete and transfer various files from external USB devices or network to internal HDD of TViX without a PC

External HDD outside, HD recorder at home

The small size maximizes the mobility and portability

It won the famous Red Dot Award with its gorgeous design and small size. With its small size, it can function as a 2.5'' external HDD outside, and you can bring it around anywhere. At home, it turns into an all-round product with functions such as HD recording, Time-Shifting, and playback of HD videos and various multimedia files.


  • Remote Controller

  • USB -Y Cable

  • AV Cable

  • Optical Jack

  • USB HOST Cable

  • Strereo Cable

  • Power Adaptor

  • Manual CD

  • Quick Guide


  • - TViX WLAN-6200C


  • 1X2 MIMO technology improves effective throughput and range over existing 802.11 b/g products

  • 2.4 GHz WLAN MAC/ BB processing

  • Data rates of up to 300 Mbps

  • BPSK, QPSK, 16 QAM, 64 QAM, DBPSK, DQPSK, and CCK modulation schemes

  • WEP, TKIP, and AES hardware encryption Schemes


Firmware download

Manual download



Main Chipset

  • RT1262 200Mhz processor

Main Memory

  • 64MB

Maximum Resolution

  • up to 1920 x 1080i

Video Format (Containers)

  • MPEG1/2/4 Elementary (M1V, M2V, M4V)

  • MPEG1/2 PS: M2P, MPG

  • MPEG2 Transport Stream: TS, TP, TRP, M2T

  • VOB,AVI,

  • ISO, IFO

Video Codec


  • MPEG-1 / MPEG-2/ MPEG-4

Audio Format (Container)

  • AAC, M4A

  • MPEG audio (MP1, MP2, MP3, MPA),

  • PCM, AC3


  • OGG

Audio Codec

  • Dolby Digital

  • DTS (down-mixing)

  • WMA, WMA Pro


Audio Pass-thru

  • DTS, Dolby Digital

Photo Image

  • JPEG (Resolution up to 1000 mega pixels, Progressive JPEG not supported)


  • English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Czech, Russian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Korean



Video / Audio Output

  • Video - HDMI 1.1, Composite

  • Digital Audio - Coaxial & Optical

  • Analog Audio - Stereo RCA

Video / Audio Input

  • Composite, S-VIDEO

HDD Supported

  • NTFS, FAT32 (2.5” SATA HDD)

USB ports

  • USB2.0 Host 1 Ports,

  • USB2.0 Target 1 Port


  • Wi-Fi USB Adaptor 802.11n(optional)

Cooling Fan

  • 50mm external detachable cooling-fan


  • 12W running / 0.5W standby

  • DC 5V


  • 132 x 82 x 24 mm


  • You have to purchase the hard disk separately.

  • VIDEO : VC-1, H.264, MKV and WMV formats are not supported.

  • AUDIO : Flac, APE, WMA-Lossless formats are not supported.

  • Some files might not be played even if the file format is correct and the codec are supported.

  • For more detailed information, please visit the "supported codec" section in FAQ before you purchase the product.