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Tizz Bird F30 (EOL)
  • 1Ghz cpu



  • ANDROID 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS USB 3.0 Device

  • 3D User Interface based on Open GL-ES

  • Wireless Keyboard Support

  • The best HD Media Player simple & easy install Android Apps

  • Full Web Browser TV

  • OTA (Over the air)Auto F/W Update Support Lossless Audio Files (Wav /Flac(Flac(192khz/24bit))Support.

Tizz Bird F30 (EOL) 

4th Generation smart media player

Smart next-generation media player market-leading fourth-generation smart media player TizzBird! Korea's first Android 2.3 platform, an open concept gingerbread O/S mount HD Player.


It's the time now to end of the legacy media player which only supports video, music and photo playbacks. This is a new era for 4th generation smart media player .The 4th generation smart media player based on 1 GHz CPU, Gigabit Ethernet and Android 2.3 OS makes possible to use a variety of application over high-speed network and provides intuitive 3D UI for user's.




TizzBird is the 4th generation smart media player which sets the next trend of media player market. Tizz Bird is the 1st HD player based on Android 2.3 GingerbreadOS.




Simple and easy Installation of Android Application support

  • Android application which area already installed in smart Phone can be used without any change. TizzBird maintains high capability of 3D games and application using OPEN-GL ES.

  • Note: some APPs that fixed screen-aspect ratio cannot be applicable in some cases.


Open GL-ES/3D User interface

  • TizzBird provides Open-GL D based Cover-view user interface. One of six different styles of cover-view can be selected as an intuitive 3D UL view-style.

Full Web browsing support

  • TizzBird provides a full web –browsing capability very similar like PC. Mouse and keyboard can be attached to support various inputs, which enable slick internet surfing even on the big screen TV.

2GB NAND Flash Support

  • 2GB NAND Flash memory puts into TizzBird. And it makes possible to install and to use hundreds of applications.


Ultra high-speed access time ( Stand-by Mode Support)

  • TizzBird supports high speed booting mode from STAND-BY. It takes less than 2 seconds to resume to the normal operation status from STAND-BY mode.(Less than 0.4W power consumption at STAND-BY mode. Ultra power- saving design)

Wired /Wireless keyboard and mouse support

  • To utilize web browsing and Android application more efficiently, wired/ wireless keyboard and mouse is highly recommended to use.


USB 3.0 device support

  • Connecting USB 3.0 device port to regular PC, TizzBird is recognized with an external HDD and data can be transferred very fast.

Low-heat & Non noise fanless design

  • Tizzbird makes to actualize non noise system design through ultra low-heat generating CPU and provides quite environment to users.


Powerful Media File search function support

  • Unlike other media players, TizzBird Android database function and it automatically extracts stored media files to register relevant media browser.

Auto scrape function support

  • Poster, synopsis and other information are required to experience elevated 3D UL cover-view mode to each movie and music file. Unlike other media players that are copying files from PC, TizzBird automatically sorts and download relevant files to each movie and music files over the network.


Gigabit Ethernet support

  • TizzBird makes users can experience faster network speed with gigabit Ethernet port.

3 USB 2.0 Host Support

  • 3 USB 2.0 Host (Back side:2 , side:1) support and make available to connect wireless LAN and wired /wireless keyboard and other external device at once.

Enjoy free channels worldwide!

  • Users can enjoy most of free inline channel with TizzBird based on Android 2.2 (Gingerbread) like using a smartphone.


Enjoy the freedom of Youtube

  • TizzBird user can enjoy real time searching and utilizing Youtube like using regular PC.

Various Android game support

  • Users can enjoy various kinds of Android games like angry bird and other 3D based games.


Various information support by apps

  • A wide variety worldwide information such as weather, traffic and travels are provided by Android apps after its easy and simple installation.

Photo wall & photo stack

  • TizzBird photo browser is organized with photo stack and photo wall. They make user can search their selected photo much easier and faster. The photo stack will show summary of photos, and photo wall can be used to select one of photos.


One-touch HDD installation

  • Without any screw, HDD can be easily installed with one single touch.

Low-Heat & non noise fanless design

  • TizzBird makes to actualize non noise system design through ultra low-heat generating CPU and provides quite environment to users.

Full HD Video file playback support ( 1920 x 1080p)

  • Tizzbird playbacks various full HD movie contents including HDMV and DVD backup formats as well as AVI, MKV, XVID and TS formats on TV. It supports most recent video format such as H264 and VC-1.


ISO, IFO, HDMV file playback support

  • DVD contest and next generation back up file with "menu", "subtitle" and "scene selection" like a DVD player and BD player (ISO, IFO,HDMV)

Gigabit Ethernet support

  • TizzBird makes users can experience faster network speed with Gigabit Ethernet port.


Optional Wifi 802.11 n Wireless Lan support

  • With Wifi 802.11n module (USB/ Antenna type ), TizzBird can play-back media files flawlessly.

Internet radio

  • Any kinds of broadcasts made with Android apps are able to listen. Without another access to websites or download users can listen from classic to latest music in TizzBird after installing internet radio applications.


SNS Application support

  • SNS application such as Facebook, Twitter and others can be used inTizzBird.

Educational application support

  • Educational application is supported and TizzBird can be used with an educative device.

HDMI 1.3 component and video output support

  • TizzBird supports HDML 1.3 to stream full HD 1080p and next-generation HD audio and also,TizzBird ensures the best TV image quality through component analogue output.


Powerful wired wireless network streaming support

  • TizzBird support various network protocols such as NFS/SAMBA/uPnP over the wired/wireless network environment. All shared media files can be streamed over the network instantly.





  • TCC9302 1Ghz CPU/ 512 M Memory/ 2GB NAND flash booting time from standby is less than two seconds.


  • Android Rev 203 Gingerbread.


  • 215 x 215x59mm



  • Codec: MPEG 1/2/4, H264, XVID, WMV9( MP@HL4.1 ) VC-1(AP@L3)

  • Resolution: Max 1080p 60Hz



  • Dolby Digital/DTS Down Mixing and Pass thru Image



  • USB 2.0 Host Port 3EA( CurrentMax 500mA /Port)

  • USB 3.0 Device Port 1EA (Max Transfer rate 5Gbps)

  • Gigabit Ethernet, Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11n(optional)

  • Network Protocol: Samba (CIFS)/ NFS uPnP

Video Output

  • HDMI 1.3a / Component(YPbPr)/ Composite

Audio Output

  • Digital: Coaxial and Optical Output / Analogue Stereo RCA Output

File System

  • NTFS , FAT32


  • smi, smil, sub ,sub/idx, srt, ssa, ass


  • DC 12V/3A adapter ,Standby power consumption <0.4w


  • English,French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Swedish, Czech , Norwegian,Danish, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese