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Smart Lifestyle

Digital home entertainment just took a giant leap. Internet, Android and a Media Streamer on your TV. Bursting with features that allow you to engage with social media, Android apps, online streaming, casual games, movies and music on a whole new level.

Mouse Motion

Mouse control has found a new home in the remote control. Liberated from the confines of the desktop or notebook, mouse navigation is possible with VEOLO from the comfort of your sofa.

Touch & Swipe

VEOLO 3-in-1 Remote Control brings the ease of 'touch and swipe' from mobile devices to your TV. Just select the screen, and swipe for seamless desktop control on your VEOLO.

Web Browsing

Need to browse the web between watching a movie or playing games? VEOLO 3-in-1 Remote Control makes a quick switch to a QWERTY keyboard possible, for a comfortable typing and browsing experience on your TV.

Social Media

There is nothing better than staying connected with friends as you sit-back and relax at home. The QWERTY keyboard functionality on the VEOLO 3-in-1 Remote Control makes it easy.

Internet on your TV

The internet is all around you. On your mobile device. On your PC. And now, on your TV. From the comfort of your own sofa and with a unique 3-in-1 Remote Control, you can browse the web for your favourite news, videos, blogs and more. VEOLO includes a web browser with HTML5, Adobe Flash & Chrome V8 JavaScript support.

Download & Install

VEOLO brings apps to your TV. Download the very best Android apps, and enrich your digital home entertainment experience like never before. We already pre-installed Pulse News and ES File Explorer to get you started! With AndroidPIT, an Android app market, more apps are within your reach.


Apps Download

Pulse News

  • Pulse redefines news, giving you the opportunity to experience the news you desire from traditional sources, your favorite blogs and social networks - all in one beautiful interface.

  • Visit Website

ES File Explorer

  • ES File Explorer allows Android users anywhere in the world to manage their resources for free, making it easy to manage, stay connected, and share with friends.

  • Visit Website

AndroidPIT Marketplace

  • With hundreds of test reports about the best apps, and news for your Android hub, the AndroidPIT app is a one-stop shop for Android.

  • Visit Website


3-in-1 Remote Control

  • QWERTY Keyboard for smooth interaction

  • Wireless Pointer for sweeping navigation

  • Remote Control for media playback

  • Currrently available in QWERTY and QWERTZ

  • 2.4GHz RF

Package Includes

  • HDMI 1.3 Cable

  • VEOLO 3-in-1 Remote Control

  • 2x AAA Batteries

  • DC-In 5V Power Adapter

  • Quick Start Guide

Product Code

  • ACR-VE91200

Product Size

  • 150 x 114 x 36 mmA


  • 375 grams

Subtitle Features

  • Multiple Subtitle Switch

  • Subtitle Positioning

  • Subtitle Size adjustment

  • Subtitle Time Sync adjustment

Subtitle Encoding

  • Unicode / Western European / Eastern European / Simplified Chinese

Subtitle Formats


Audio Codec/Formats

  • Dolby Digital downmix to stereo and 5.1 pass-through

  • DTS downmix to stereo and 5.1 pass-through

  • AAC / FLAC / MKA / MP3 / OGG / WAV / WMA / MPEG 1/2/4 / MP2 / M4A RA-COOK / RA-Lossless / DRA / RealAudio 4/5/6/8/9/10 / TTA / AC3 / APE

OSD Languages

  • English / German / Dutch / Czech / Danish / French / Greek / Italian / Japanese / Norwegian (BokmÃ¥l) / Polish / Portuguese / Portuguese (Brazil) / Russian / Simplified Chinese / Spanish / Spanish (United States) / Swedish / Traditional Chinese / Turkish

Video Formats

  • ASF / AVI / DAT / FLV / M2T / M2TS / MKV / MOV / MP4 / MPG / MPEG / RM RMVB / TP / TRP / TS / VOD / WMV / MTS / M1V / M2V / M4V / 3GP / F4V M2P / 3G2

Video Codec

  • DivX3 / Xvid / H.263 / H.264 (MPEG4 P10, AVC, x264) / VC-1 (WMV9, WVC1)

  • VP6 / RealVideo 8/9/10 (RV30, RV40) / x264 / DIV2 / AVS / SVQ1 / SVQ3

  • RV10 / RV20 / MPEG 1/2/4 (DivX 4/5/6, Xvid, MPEG4Visual) / MSMPEG4V1

  • MSMPEG4V2 / WMV1(WMV7) / WMV2(WMV8)

Video Resolution/Aspect

  • PAL / NTSC / 480p / 576p / 720p 50Hz / 720p 60Hz / 1080i 50Hz / 1080i 60Hz / 1080p 50Hz / 1080p 60Hz

  • 4:3/16:9 Aspect Ratio

Audio Output

  • Composite L/R Stereo / HDMI / SPDIF Optical


  • 2x USB2.0 Host

Memory Cards

  • SD/SDHC up to 32GB

File Systems

  • FAT32 / NTFS

Ethernet (Wired/Wireless)

  • Wired Gigabit LAN 10/100/1000Mbps

  • Built-in Wireless 802.11 b/g/n

Network Protocols

  • SAMBA Client / SAMBA Server / NFS Client / FTP Client

Image Formats

  • BMP / GIF / JPG / JPEG / PNG

Operating System

  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)

Video Output

  • HDMI 1.3A


  • 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 with Floating Point Unit

  • JAVA Hardware Acceleration

  • 3D Graphics Hardware Acceleration Engine with OpenGL ES support

  • 512MB DDR3 Memory

  • 4GB NAND Flash Memory for OS and Apps installation


  • Internet TV web browser, with HTML5, Adobe Flash & Chrome V8 JavaScript support

  • Apps and Widgets via AndroidPIT

  • Full HD Network Media Streamer, with the most format support

  • VEOLO 3-in-1 Remote Control, incl. QWERTY keyboard and wireless pointer

  • Gigabit 10/100/1000Mbps wired LAN and Built-in wireless 802.11 b/g/n