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X-Pointer Categories


  • First Laser for Galaxy & iPhone

  • Support Laser

  • Touch Pen Design

X-Pointer Mobile / XPS130

X-Pointer Pulse is laser pointer which is available with iPhone and Galaxy phone. As high grade Appcessary, the case of product can be used for touch pen as well. With X-pointer3 app, it turns your smart phone into a wireless presenter and mouse.

The X-Pointer Pulse (App + Server ) turns your smartphone into a full function presenter and remote mouse controller. X-Pointer Pulse can use touch pen with its case and portable with your smartphone. With X-Pointer3 app and X-Pointer Server program you can do wonderful presentation anywhere.

Make your presentation successful.

  • Laser pointing by using the exculsive app for the smartphone.

  • Steady laser output with a built-in power stabilizing circuit.

  • Operating status on indicator light for safety. (Patent No. 10-1081896)

  • Micro laser pointer for smartphone.

  • Use the case as a touch pen.


  • 1GHz ARM Cortex Processor

  • 3D OpenGL graphics engine (Mali400)

  • 1GB DDR3 RAM

  • 8GB NAND Flash

XPS130 (Laser Pointer)

  • Laser Class : Class II

  • Laser Wavelength (Color) : 650nm (RED)

  • Laser Output Power : Less than 1mW

  • Current Consumption : 10~40 celcius

  • Storage Temperature : -10~50 celcius

  • Size : 7.7 x 41mm

  • Weight : 4g

Case(Touch Pen)

  • Supporting Device : Capacitive Touch Pen

X-Pointer App

  • Compatible Devices : iPhone 4, 4s 5, Galaxy S4, SIII, Note, Note II

  • Compatible OS : iOS 4.3 or later, Android 2.3 or later

*If you use Galaxy Note, it can operate on IceCream Sandwich OS only.


  • XPS130 (Laser Pointer)

  • Case (Touch Pen)

  • User Manual